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If you’re interested in creating passive income WITHOUT short cuts, tricks and “hocus-pocus you’re a millionaire” gimmicks, read this to ...
Discover How To Build Long-Lasting, Profitable Websites And Make Money With Adsense And Affiliate Programs

Here's a proven guide to long-term, ground-up approach to AdSense and affiliate gold that will NOT make you rich quick, but will guarantee that you stay rich forever.

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RE: The Short Cuts to Success That Don’t Work

Dear Adsense Publishers and Affiliate Marketers,

I got another email from a subscriber today with all the same excuses of not making any real money with AdSense or affiliate programs. I found it rather surprising, since there are tons of places where you can learn to do exactly that.

I decided to take this matter up personally. So I conducted a thorough research of some of the most popular “how to” ebooks, videos and information guides on the Internet, but I came back empty handed and frustrated instead.

Here’s The Problem: All I found is expert salesmen trying to sell you magic pills and miracles, and yet none of them actually showed you “how to” do it. “Sell the dream”, they say, and that’s all they do. They get you excited on the possibility of making tons of easy cash on the Internet, take your money and leave you high and dry. They don’t want to linger around to show you how to really do it – they don’t care.

Here’s some of the stuff being pedaled by these “snake oil” merchants:

1. Expensive “Miracle” Software – They try to sell you expensive yet buggy software that promise to make you rich just by clicking some buttons. These applications short-cut the process but don’t teach you any lasting skills. You can buy as many of these “miracle” software products as you want, but without the basic skills you’re just shooting blanks with a bigger machine gun.

2. Ready Made AdSense Websites – You’ve seen these – get 100 “Adsense-ready” websites that come with pre-written web content, RSS feeds and even AdSense codes pre-formatted for you. It may sound like the magic pill you’re looking for, but after you’ve bought the domain name and uploaded your website you quickly learn the truth; there are hundreds, if not thousands of zombie sites with the exact same content, making it more difficult for you by the day. Trust me, you stand a better chance if you didn’t use them.

3. Suspicious SEO Tricks and Gimmicks – You’re probably NOT an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert and the gurus know this. So they conjure up some questionable SEO tactic that works “quick-and-easy” just the way you like it, get some screenshots to show you that it works, and sell it to you. The truth is, these tricks only last a short time before they become completely useless. Soon you get caught in the self-defeating cycle of trying playing cat-and-mouse with search engines, and just when you discover you can’t keep up, the gurus have a “new” SEO trick for you. They feed you with this crap day-in and day-out, smiling happily with your cash while you go chasing after your dreams.

4. Magic Adsense & Affiliate “Systems” – Have you ever wondered why Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, KFC and other large multinational billion-dollar corporations NEVER tell you their secrets? Think about it: “Why doesn’t Coke sell you an e-book on how to make carbonated drinks?” The answer is pretty simple – they depend on their business secret to survive. The fact is, all systems fail when they are sold or revealed to the public. So why are people selling you ebooks on how to use a “secret system” they discovered? Chances are 1) they keep the key secret to themselves while selling you the fluff you can already get for free 2) they’ve already abandoned their “system” when they sell it to you, leaving you and a hundred other people to chase for the gold they excavated ages ago.

Hey Kidino,

I just finished reading your ebook "Quick Guide To SEO for Adsense and Affiliate Programs" and I must say, well done!

I've bought alot of ebooks about Affiliate Marketing, SEO, AdSense and AdWords, and many just didn't deliver on good solid information. Your Guide delivers straight and to-the-point information.

The section on "Expanding the Idea" is what I spent alot of time on. This technique brought me additional traffic and income that was being left on the table!

Simply put, take advantage of "Expanding the Idea" and maximize your AdSense and Affiliate Sales.

John Biondi


Once again you have provided an invaluable guide providing a step by step process that is easy to understand, follow and implement. I am recommending your book to all of my online friends. I especially found the section on the importance of links very useful.

John Smiley

Finally, an ebook that teaches you step-by-step how to get it done - spoken in plain english.
And the best part is that it's not only full of good, practical useful information, but it is also a short, sweet, and to the point. Not another 300 page ebook with a bunch of junk just for the sake of taking up space.

Brian T. Edmondson

The Secret Hasn’t Changed For Over 2400 Years

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